Idea Generation/Next College Edition

Idea Generation/Next College Edition Award Ceremony, MLK Day, Jan. 15, 2018 

First Place & People’s Choice Award Winner

Omari Hunt, North Carolina Central University
The 7-Day Plan Project

The 7-Day Plan Project will focus on seniors below the national poverty line, helping them learn better budgeting skills and decision making in both personal finances and retirement planning. The project utilizes one-on-one financial planning and weekly seminars to educate seniors on proper use of the combination of Medicare and state programs available to them based on their income levels as well as wealth transfer in the forms of home ownership and life insurance.


Second Place Winner

Jordyn Weaver, North Carolina Central University
The Black Market Company

The Black Market Company (TBM) is designed to support, educate, promote and invest in small minority-owned businesses to help build and sustain generational wealth within Triangle communities. The Black Market Company has a triple-platform initiative that educates low wealth individuals and families on financial literacy, serves as an online marketplace (eCommerce type) for minority brands/businesses, and assists with business start-ups.


Third Place Winner

Tyler Walker, North Carolina Central University
Education to Occupation Pipeline

My solution is a nonprofit organization called the Education to Occupation Pipeline (ETOP). ETOP will work with businesses in the Triangle community to sponsor students who would otherwise be unable to attend college and unlikely to find good job opportunities. ETOP will guarantee these students good paying jobs in the Triangle while also enrolling them into student loan debt assistance programs. ETOP has two essential parts, business membership and student headhunting.


Other Finalists:
Shafi Goodwin, William Peace University – Essential Home Items

My solution is to provide essential home items that cannot be purchased and are not covered using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to families in low-income neighborhoods. These families will have the ability to put more funds towards other crucial living needs and necessities that they would otherwise have to use to purchase these essential home items, which are standard and necessary for every household.

Jovita Lee, Meredith College – A Second Chance

My non-profit organization will offer programs dedicated to the educational advancement of children and adults as well as the improvement of the legal status of non-citizens or non-residents of low-wealth communities of the Triangle. The organization will take a three-fold approach by creating a mentorship program for children, a Fundamentals of Business program for adult learners, and a legal support program for non-residents and non-citizens.

Brandon Gray, St. Augustine’s University – Vybez

Vybez is a t-shirt company that strives to bring awareness to the issue of mental illness and suicide in the young adult community through music and fashion. We wish to create platforms for at-risk youth to feel comfortable enough to speak to someone about their problems. By creating after school programs, we are able to surround at-risk youth with adults they can trust and activities that will help them succeed in school and learn social skills.




Presented by United Way of the Greater Triangle and The Institute in partnership with Meredith College, North Carolina Central University, Shaw University, Saint Augustine’s University, Wake Technical Community College, and William Peace University